Personal Document Translation

GLOBAL Translation offers a Certified and notarized translation of your personal documents, which include but not limited to:

  • Certificates (birth, death, degrees, marriage …etc.).
  • Contracts.
  • Medical reports.

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For fast, accurate, and most convenient certified translation, kindly follow the instructions:

Photograph or scan you document

  • Make sure that nothing is cut off .
  • Take photos from directly above and ensure sufficient lighting.
  • Check that nothing is blurred or missing.

Send us your documents

Recieve a quote

  • We will email you a free quote with an exact price and everything you need to know.
  • We respond to your inquiry 7 days a week until late at night.

Place an order

  • Our quote email contains payment instructions.
  • you pay by credit card online, use PayPal or make a bank transfer.

Receive your translation

  • We will email you the certified translations first.
  • After you have checked them, we can also send you originals (on paper) to address of your choice.