Specialized Translation

Whether it's a research paper, chapter of a book, or a multi-volume set of technical or specialized texts, we deliver an accurate, culturally-appropriate translation in the right language, in the right format, at the right time.

We take the uncertainty out of translation, using our proven Global Translation Process. Our system ensures cultural and literal accuracy and on-target meaning for humanities (philosophy, linguistics, history, religion, literature …etc.), business (accounting, auditing, e-commerce, annual reports, auditing reports …etc.), medical, legal, and education documents.

Over the years, we've developed a rigorous experience to help ensure the most accurate translation possible. Our Global Translation Process is an exacting series of steps designed to deliver cost-effective letter-perfect translations. From the moment you submit your source document, our team of dedicated and talented subject matter experts, a minimum of 4 specifically assigned to your project, is on the job. We check and double-check every step of the process, safeguarding you’re the actual meaning, ensuring absolute integrity of your content.

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