Quarterly, Trilingual (English-Arabic-French), Peer-reviewed Journal of Logic, Epistemology and Humanities. Al-Mukhatabat is currently published by L’HARMATTAN, Paris, France. Postal address: Revue Al-Mukhatabat, HamdiMlika, 21 RecasementSud 4003 Sousse/Tunisia.

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Batley Academy for Languages and Translation

Breath air … Breath English. Batley for languages is a distinguished academy that offers various courses in English language that include, but not limited to: teachers training course, kids courses, English for specific purpose, and many other courses and services. Contact details: Email: info@Batley-eg.com

AL-RAWY Company for Dates Industry and Packaging

Al-Rawy is one of Egypt world’s top date manufacturer. Al-Rawy factory produces various kinds of semi-dried Egyptian dates, sweets, snacks, and other food products. The factory is located at the industrial investment zone, Anshaas, Alsharkia. Tel. +255 2642550 – Mob. +2 010 1162612